Hi, Dear cross-border Friends leaving on a new spiral cycle of our material world. Here is a fresh Russian joke – “People who do not want to learn history have to attend geography lessons then”.

As you remember, if having a clear historical memory, both WWI and WWII were provoked and sponsored by UKUSA, especially one Austrian painter who couldn’t apply to the Vienna Art Academy, and got money and support from American industrial and financial oligarchs. Europeans were successfully fed with the “Soviet Threat”, military raised, equipped with ideology, and sent to the Eastern bad trip to die as many as possible. So, why change the concept working through the century if upcoming stupid “teenagers” do not recognize the hoax? Just repeat it and harvest the new money crop. During WWII European economy was flattened to the ground in order to propose a “kind” salvation to the problem in the form of the “Marshall Plan” – a genius act how to double earn money on destruction and reconstruction. This is the well-proven UKUSA concept to create a problem, and then help to resolve it on the victim’s account. Let’s build a historical parallel and apply the same ideology for today. This time money and fancy UKUSA senate support were given not to an Austrian painter, but to a Ukrainian comic, who was hooked on democracy and freedom baits. Also a well-known trick from Gorbachev’s time – exchange your country’s assets for the “Elite Democratic Club”. Do you expect to become a British Qween brother, or who? A best friend of the “progressive world”? – Seems too much for the cowards and collaborators. No respect from both sides anyway.

And again, Europeans are actively processed with “Russian Threat” which is pure mind-programming bullshit. The target is the same – to destroy the European economy again. And the accompanying goal is to burn in domestic conflicts as many populations as possible. Look carefully at the Europe situation. All presidents are American puppets without any hope for independent stamina. Just compare Emmanuel Macron with Charles De Gaulle, Olaf Scholz with Helmut Kohl, and Giulio Andreotti with… who knows the current Italian guy? Please help! European Industrial and manufacturing index is -20%, and consumer inflation is +2,8% (Turkey +25%). Mercedes Q1 2024 sales results -8%, Airbus -10%, Henkel -5,2%, Nestle -5,9%, Volkswagen -3,0%. Half of Russia is already flooded with luxury China cars. Even by eyes, you can estimate a minimum 30% market share within only 2 years! Are you sure this mess with Ukraine is about Russia? You should better know your American friends.

The next well-known principle of UKUSA Deep State is “We do because we can”. That means if you continue to swallow, the portion will be bigger and bigger until you choke and die. Behind the “democratic” fence were is no any trace of human behavior. But the interesting thing is that European citizens continue to be blind to the title “part of the elite Anglo-Saxon’s club”. No, you are not. The members of the “Elite Club” are only guests on Jeffrey Epstein’s island. The rest are only collateral losses. Nothing personal, just american business. If we need to bomb Dresden to the ruins for American interests we just do it again and say “Oh, that’s highly likely Russians”. Until you pull out UKUSA legs and hands they will continue to act with the same speed regardless of any human casualties. Moreover, their target of de-population is publically propelled across all conferences and even movies, mimicking the Satanic approach “you’ve seen it, you’ve approved it”.

You know, we think there is a huge electromagnetic transmitter hidden somewhere underground which constantly emits the mind-reprogramming message “love America”, even if America kills you just “stand for America”. America bombs Japan with Nukes but anyway “love all American, and hate all Russian”. It’s just a mind-boggling hypnosis of unknown nature.

What is the problem to join with Russia? You tried to be friends with UKUSA for 200 years to no avail, now try once to make a friendship with Russia. Just for curiosity. We don’t need any new lands, we have way too much. We just need to move Americans back to the 1991 borders with their financial NATO pyramid. Which you, Europeans, pay by the way. Do you know that no one American company has left the Russian market? Swedish IKEA ran out like a crazy rabbit on the first day abandoning all assets, because America said to do. Nice, ah? Same as they “heroically confronted” Nazies in WWII. Do such countries have a right to be independent? Cowardice and slavery tolerance enable geographic lessons)

What kind of world will Europeans leave to their children? (if they don’t accept child-free conceptual virus) Tolerant slavery or charismatic independence? Looking around, looking at Eurovision… ugh! Fuck my trousers. 

We continue to mention we have a lot of friends and partners in Europe. They are good people, smart people, hard-working people… But they have to wake up from the “Hollywood” virus. If Europeans and Russians join together, then all the Deep State agenda vanishes in a few days. This is what they are afraid of, and do whatever they can to prevent it.

involved@top-retail.net – from friends to friend