Hi Folks, here we go with some observation on the crypto market and it’s behind-the-curtain engine room. Being mainly the nerd-tech sandbox for many years crypto technology starts to nock on the ordinary housekeeper door. Why don’t we still have digital currency in turnover since its invention in 2008? – We have some answers.

To understand the essence of digital money, we have to consider it as the maijor weapon of economic domination for the next century. So, guaranteed domination can not be reached without deep preparation. One mistake and desired domination can depart to your enemy. That is why you see a hell amount of different coins, algorithms and crypto-projects in circulation. Every political power centre on the Earth is in a rush to test its own crypto weapon to conquer them all. Anglo-Saxon’s master of money Black Rock corporation is still ahead harvesting the last moments of USA prevail. Managing 9,5 trillion assets around the globe robbed from all of us this satanic “Zorg” conglomerate has recently pierced the USA SEC stronghold and got the permission to trade Bitcoin ETFs. What Black Rock actually did is the hidden acknowledgement of their Bitcoin ownership. We knew that Satoshi Nakamoto was just a sitting duck for naive believers. This event means the crypto game has entered the next level of official legitimacy. Now British-American crypto sector has defined its weaponry. So, the next step is to reveal the main crypto horses of Europeans, Russians, and Chinese, including a couple of other strong players like South Korea and Indonesia. All projects based on the Bitcoin blockchain will go under Anglo-Saxon supervision with the power to confiscate any suspicious assets. The rest of pretenders for the many-polar crypto world are Ripple (XRP), Cardano (ADA), Tron (TRX), Telegram (TON), Polygon (MATIC), and Stellar (XLM). Just rank the crypto market by capitalisation. We, actually, don’t know yet who are the actual owners of these coins.

What the heck is Bitcoin ETF? Actually it’s a basket of market trading assets connected to bitcoin circulation: crypto exchanges, equipment producers, ASIC producers, insurance and staking projects. But in our opinion, to trade USA-connected ETFs when USA project itself is 10 minutes before slaughter is too late. As Bitcoin value is mainly supported by the usual bad American things like weapon trade, local war sponsoring, drug traffic, opposition bribery and, you name it…, there should be American success in all that areas. But it is not. The high fluctuation we see now in Bitcoin price is reflection of unstable USA existence in all part of the world, including homeland. Deep State Nazi support in Ukraine and Barbarossa 2.0 are fucked up. Taiwan is going to float to China hands with all its TSMC chips. Muslims are pushing USA presence out of Middle-East with hidden approval of Saudis, Russia, China, and India. Europeans are waking up after 50-years sleeping under the carefully managed Marshall Plan. Russians are biting significant assets in Africa. Brazil and Argentina tend to swing to the BRICS side. Internal USA problems are hitting all-time high with recient Texas border issue. But there is one intricking layer on top of this.

Deep State migration. If you did’t know US is governed by Deep State the same manner as Germany, France or Italy, for example. The ability of Deep State to pack, depart and deploy in another country is underestimated. These guys are flexible with capital and assets transfer to any point in the world using modern technology. There are numerous discussions where the next sitting nest of Deep State might be. Switzerland, China, Philippines, or even Russia? Not a joke at all. They need a new state body to parasite on. The fat body of USA is sucked out catastrophically, entering the fall stage. America is not a Germany, Russia, Egypt or Argentina. It has been carefully injected on purpose with weapons, racism, immigrants, and satanic brain wash. Any minute it can expoid like a hydrogen bomb. This will be a social disaster of the 21-st century with millions people affected. This time inside the Metropolis itself.

Deep State prosecution. There is also an alternative probability to extinguish Deep State members from the Earth’s surface. Looks hardly possible, but if Russians are really fed up with “western partners” approach of constant existential outrage to everything Russian, they can do. The problem is Deep State will use nuclear cards in case of real threat and ready to drive till a hollow ground. To protect themselves, they will use any kind of tools, not taking into account people’s lifes, like they always used to. Anyway, if this plan is approved by Russia and China, the humanity has a chance to drop off 2000-years world mafia and open a new page of planet’s history.

Crypto is fixed on the battlefield. Now, taking into account all mentioned above, you understand the total interdependence between world future digital currency and final outcome on the battlefield. In case of successful Deep State migration from USA to whatever quiet bay, the bitcoin goes up to 100 thousand point and will be announced as the new world order digital currency. But, if Deep State will be set under a fire, then bitcoin can be crashed to the zero level. Its value as a block-chain technology means nothing to Russians or Chinese, and can be de-crowned from the throne as the symbol of American improper behavior. They can use TON or CFX block-chains. Also, don’t forget many block-chain projects officially stated as of Anglo-Saxon origin, but are actually Russian and Chinese.

Anyway, as both variants can develop through reasonable time untill any concrete final stage, high fluctuations of all coins stay valid. Exactly what we see last days, and now you know the reasons. Good time for traders to take off the cream.

Now little bit on Europe and Japan as probable centres of geo political influence. To be told bitterly but honestly, there are two nations on the planet exposed by USA to perfidiously erased self-identity – Germans and Japanese. Both during WWII by unnecessary massive bombings when their defeats by Russians were obvious. Actually, these nations are reprogrammed to American system of values using accessive brutal force. Now, think deep about what happens if they wake up while “Eagle” is falling? This process is yet to come and need some reasonable maturation stage (remember recient cope trial in Germany to knock down marionette regime). Deep State is still hoping to rase a Hitler 2.0 and send him to the east like they did before. Burn the entire Europe and Russia in the war clash while solving America’s financial problems. Old plan, but still promising. So, Dear European and Japanese friends, think seven times who is your real enemy. Who grounded Dresden, Hiroshima and Nagasaki with no any military need?

A little bit of practical approach for all crypto junkies. As you see now, it depends in which geo political sector you are sitting. Russians are used to work with crypto under Mr. Sam daddy’s sanctions with no problem, but better to keep out from platforms leaking American Deep State ass like Binance, Coinbase, Kraken. Russians vote for Asian crypto-exchanges. If you are sitting inside the British-USA sector, be prepared for sudden state regulations which may apply additional tax and commission burdens. If Black Rock deals go bad, you will experience platforms lagging, crypto thievery and other “system glitches”. If they can steal money from Russians, they can do it with all others. It’s just a question of financial appetite. Such a monster player like Black Rock uses technology to trade in advance, applying less signal latency comparing to other traders. So, they see the market reality several seconds before you. They can easily increase this trading gap even further, thus overtrading even insiders. You will never win this game. If you are “neutral” country citizen, you have to choose a side to bend to in two years perspective. May be it’s time to open a Yuan or Rubble account and migrate to an Asian platform?

In terms of gears, think about all ASICS are produced in China. Didn’t you ever think why Bitcoin is an American project, but highly supported by China equipment production? What happens if USA-China tension goes wild? Can all those ASICS be shut down remotely from China like an every single iPhone from Battery Park, California? Think seven times before invest into expensive gears on both sides. We also do not recommend to use cold crypto ledgers, especially those asking for internet connection to be operable. Invest now into your local real estate. Don’t what for EMI (Electro Magnetic Impulse, not necessarily nuclear one) to erase all your digital assets, or North-Atlantic optical cable breakdown because “crazy sharks” once bite it through)

So, we are closely watching the situation on the battlefields, any signs of Deep State migration and general “health” of its members, plus geo political centres stability. The formula is quite complex, with many variables, but the stakes are too high to relax, and too interesting to quit.

God bless all the simple people working hard for their families despite the country of origin. Let’s forward all wars planned for us back to its sponsors and creators, to the rotten “Elite” and Deep State members.

involved@top-retail.net – heading for good.