Hi Dear Community. We decided to begin the year with the most influential theme to our humble opinion. In a couple of years, you will forget what is your fiat money, and start to kick yourself for not grasping the theme when it was young. Unfortunately, the visible layer of what you see now about crypto is absolutely not what it really is. Fancy freaking miners might seem to be a kind of iT clowns but this is only part of the show. So let’s start to reel up the curtains.

The premise of the question. You might think the idea of crypto has begun with the intention to make our world better and nicer. Aha, keep your pockets wider. Here is a non-presumable viewing angle. Modern warfare is not anymore about tanks, infantry and missiles. As Big Daddies realised in the mid of 1970s they don’t wanna burn out somewhere in the nuclear strike, the big race for alternative weaponry started its run. Hybrid military tactics, private armies and local conflicts came to invention enabling indefinite military pressure where needed. But there is one devastating weapon that makes it possible to detach the entire state population from its lovely government. Imagine you are a “Tropico Dictator” waking up on a sunny day and finding all your electorate not using anymore your domestic currency. Not as fiats, nor as bank transfers. What a nightmare. Looks like a scary tale but only for those who are still sleeping lulled by official media. You could not invent a more beloved weapon than a cryptocurrency is, and it is already here.

Remember the funny story about Satoshi Nakomoto – a man who created Bitcoin. With prevailing probability, he is living in Pentagon than in Japan. All Japanese men wearing the name Satoshi Nakomoto has already officially raised their passports saying “What the f-ck is going on? It is not me!” Yes, and we know it…

So, what is the target of modern crypto-weapon? The target is to illuminate all kinds of independent states by detaching their population from government and attaching them to the world-unified system of valuables and tools. Here is the question. Why do I need “Slobodan Milosevich” and its servants if I am a simple citizen growing my fruits, sometimes buying goods from China, watching Hollywood movies and driving a Japanese car? I am only attached to this government by local currency. If I have the same currency as Chinese, Japanese and Russians, I don’t need an expensive local government. This is the final rope holding me under local slavery. We bet you already thought about it. Why do I need to change my local currency back and forth to get Euro or Dollars?

The solution is ready. Domestic government clerks even may still sit in the same places having only a puppet responsibility. We can bet again that some of your governmental servants are already at that fancy stage. If you don’t see this trendy movement yet you will get it absolutely clear in a couple of years from now. Even obvious power triangle USA-Russia-China is not an exception in this case. All of them are playing roles distributed from above with some agreed improvisation range. Just for this never-ending historical confrontation to look natural. Hundred years Anglo-Saxes fight against Russia and cannot win. What an exciting battle. Don’t you think we are so stupid here not to detect an absolute absence of willingness to win? The same bullshit is now propelled with China. Oh no, America is going to confront China for another 400 years to explain to its citizens 700 bln dollars of military budget every single year. Ugly Russian come, ugly Terrorists come, ugly Chinese come, pay these threats, pay western society. If you don’t afraid of them anymore there is a UFO invasion, meteorite invasion or Bio-hazard like Covid (made in China by the accident, never in the USA). This is just for you to understand who is who and where your enemy is sitting.

Nuke strikes are not only excessive today but also obsolete. That is why all nutritions of nuclear missiles are already in the process of utilisation leaving only a myth about the nuclear case in the Hollywood movies. The nuclear threat is too old to be used and will stay only in the form of video clips. It’s dirty and very expensive. But if you still believe in a sudden atomic attack it is good because you are busy and don’t recognise newly constructed levels of an outrageous lie.

Who controls crypto? So, Bitcoin and Etherium are both controlled by special forces. These traces start with CIA, DARPA, Mi6, hacker groups and vanish somewhere in the abbey of private armies, private BIO-labs and world government. It is not a big secret that all significant hacking teams and coders are working under the cap of intelligent services and Siloviki (unofficially dispersed intelligent services). Nobody is fighting each other, but all synchronise their efforts in one direction deployed by Big Daddy. The biggest amount of Bitcoin and Ethereum coins are kept on unknown wallets without any movement since their creation. You can call these people NEO Financial tech mixed with military intelligence. What we can tell is they are impossibly reach people holding every president of every country on a short collar. Forget about decentralisation and privacy below their level. They have spent billions of dollars to create the first blockchain not to make inexistent Satoshi famous, but to rule the world. Every blockchain is easily tracked and traced. It was the main technical target when making crypto. The myth about crypto decentralisation and privacy is a smokescreen. Same as democracy for the past decades. But the truth is if you are a mummy-crypto-miner or home-trader with turnover below million dollars you have nothing to worry about. On your level decentralisation and privacy works rock-solid as Apple iCloud because you are not interesting to anyone. Big Sam will cover you because now you are under his citizenship. Those who have to really worry about traceable decentralisation are top governmental servants. If they want to keep their chairs forever as some of them do and play a world-level game, decentralisation and privacy do not work. Mother Earth does not need any more 128 states with its fatty butt sitters pretending to serve ordinary people. Do you need them?

We clearly see crypto as a new type of military and political weapon which is ECO-friendly and does not produce nuclear pollution (joke). Carefully look at who is allowed to create institutional crypto products (soon to come). As the usual USA under the cover of faked Satoshi Nakamoto. History repeats itself here. The USA uses Japan to prove world domination again on a new level. The USA is followed by big friends U-Kingdom, India, Switzerland, Sweden, Taiwan and Australia. Of course, Russian, Indian and Chinese coders are highly hired for this job. Don’t think if you see Vitalik Buterin (damn why he is not called Vitaly) or Pavlik Durov behind some breaking crypto-technology they are doing on their own. Completely wrong. Both are under tight collaboration with special forces. Of course, allowed sometimes to scold on “KGB” for a proper cover-up. This is why Durov’s TON coin is not approved by USA FinCEN. The former KGB team is forced to play a second role, not the first one as they wanted. The only country that is trying to fight Big Daddy crypto-domination is China. Every new dictator is trying to escape from the stage and set his own performance. He feels like – yea, I am very close to escape, without knowing that improvised blade running is a part of the show. Probably, Kim Chen In is also thinking he is playing his very independent performance, supplied with Russian missiles and American movies. But this time China performance is special. Big Daddy is also looking at some actors in order to define the most soul-playing one. Big Daddy needs a footnote to place his headquarter for the next 30 years. Why not China this time? The USA became too much complicated – shootings, blacks, Mexicans, Women, Gays, rights of Pets, Holly shit… The world leader is under question too.

We have to watch remarkable China moves towards crypto and its front-men the Miners. Blaming high coil pollution China’s party activists began to bash uncontrolled ASIC industrial farms clearing space for the upcoming digital Yuan which seems to be distributed only via China citizens. China is really trying to play a stand-alone centre of influence, including crypto. But you can play in the same league only having your own protected algorithms of crypto. Big people in China do not trust Bitcoin because they know its main vulnerability – traceability. So, Chinese coding is throttling at full speed. The problem is Chinese are very good at copying, but not at creating from scratch. That is why the long-awaited digital Yuan can be a big surprise. Either genius or complete crap. Chinese steps to punish miners led to hash-rate escape in the other countries which is not good for China itself. But maybe it is a well-coordinated act.

The USA moves about crypto are in line with its strategy to test and put this technology on strong legs. American Institutional Officials play a conservative style of believing in crypto. The target for special forces is to protect young crypto-technologies from radical moves inside the US. Crypto has to be tested first in the outside world.

So-called alt-coins (alternative coins) make the crypto market looks decentralised to a certain extend. These coins do not interfere with the main goal of Bitcoin and Ethereum but are even better for masking. Crypto technology is ideal for ambiguous operations. Non of any altcoins can occupy a dominant role on the coin market without the permission of Big Daddy. Same as non of national central banks can dominate Fort Knox. The visual free market, as well as visual democracy, always stays only a visual attribute. Crypto coin leadership works the same way as European country leadership. If an appointed leader does not do what is required, he is kicked out from the chair, of course, “democratically”. No one is allowed to escape the cap without synchronising with Daddy. Don’t feed your illusions on that if you are a mature and well-educated men.

In the future, you will see how the crypto market gravitates toward one main crypto-currency. Even now you see huge dependence of all alternative coins from the Bitcoin rate. National governments should start to accept Bitcoin as soon as the experiment in Costa Rica is considered as successful. With a high probability Bitcoin price at 100K is not a mystery. Bitcoin will play the role of the gold standard, and the second crypto coin may play the main circulation unit. The second coin is not yet decided, because Ethereum with its constant going to PoS made a big mistake. Real Crypto coin leader has to be mined, not staked. As of today only Bitcoin stably passes this criterion.

Test period and fictional government resistance. In order to be used with high accuracy and prediction, the crypto-weapon needs to be tested. This technology needs to be tested under different market and political circumstances. How players react to huge drops and sudden rises. How the ming process affects the entire circulation mass and price of digital coins. The most important part is to test anti-crypto legislation in big countries like Russia and China. Crypto must be well government resistant. This stage is nearly 70% complete. Domestic governments have only three leverages to limit crypto – restrictive legislation, cost of electricity and blocking internet traffic for crypto mining programs, pools and wallets. If a Tropico Dictator decides to ban crypto mining and exchanging it has to go underground. Patrolling militia brigades can search only for industrial farms with high electricity consumption detected on electric plants. This restriction should be avoided by low-capacity GPU farming placed at private facilities. Checking private houses is already a self-killing option for the government. Its militia patrols can get bullets in their heads trying to confiscate last hope for income. This stage ends up with massive protests and disobey.

High electricity consumption will be reduced by next-gen crypto algorithms using storage drives (HDD as of today). This technology is now tested in Costa Rica under the fragile supervision of white hawk of course. This country is also testing official Bitcoin circulation. So, in the future, it will be harder to detect mining equipment by checking electricity consumption.

What should be also tested is a degradation of banksta business. People must be gently transferred from bank service to crypto-service. Who do need banks as they do exist now with minus deposit income in Europe? Any old shitty GPU mining rig can produce much more income than any bank product. And we see right now how banksters crying to central banks to restrict crypto circulation because they are losing money. Cry usury, cry. The obvious moves from the government will be as follows:

Massive media attack – Crypto is a way to sponsor terrorists, drugs, and criminals. Crypto is gambling, and poor families lose their last savings on very risky crypto-markets. Of course, poor families are not able to keep themselves from this threat and the government needs to step in.

Crypto trading is highly volatile and only professionals should be allowed. So welcome to licensing business for government affiliative structures.

Crypto-Technology is very risky because hackers can steal your last hundred bucks from a digital wallet. And even exchanges like Binance can be hacked with all accounts.

Dear girls and boys, let’s ask ourselves. Didn’t our physical banks steel money in the form of low rates? Didn’t our real banks never go bankrupt? Didn’t our fatty banks spy on our transactions and sell this data to criminals? This is the usual cry for lost income, not for our people’s wealth.

After massive informational attacks clerks start to issue restrictive instructions to usual banks. Block transactions with crypto exchanges, peer to peer transfers, suspicious transactions between people for similar amounts of money or repetitive transactions within a short period. If it does not help then come administrative and criminal prosecution. This final punishment stage will be of high political trade between Big Daddy and local Dictators and will be allowed only as an exception against a vital exchange. For example, if you want criminal prosecution stage against crypto in your country you have to write off the coil industry to white eagles, or a metal industry, or maybe oil industry. As simple as that.

But actually, you can not win against underground crypto. People do not need bank cards to exchange it. You just go to the black market and exchange in cash. This business is always controlled by militia type, who is police at the daylight, and crypto-exchange at moonlight. End of control. The problem is dictator-type countries have always a huge amount of “militia” who controls all criminals. As soon you try to fight someone officially the situation flips over and militia starts to make business with whom you try to fight reporting to you a very heroic and high budget fight. In the end, you may get a military coup.

As we can see restrictive measures do not help to fight crypto. Increasing electricity cost does not help either because plunging mainly in the rest of citizens very sensitive to living cost and knowing zero about crypto. This way you get crowd revolution even faster.

Now, blocking crypto internet traffic seems to be a solution. Government can force internet providers to block certain traffic. But here is VPN and Elon Mask with his Star-Link technology. Every Dictator has to remember that prohibition on Star-Link can cause a democratic flyby over your head. And finally, as we know, the black market is always well served by Siloviki (half-militia half-criminal). They will sell Star-Link.

Resuming above mentioned, we can say that local governments are not able to resist crypto. Moreover, they know that, agreed that, and will be as always playing dedicated role according to the scenario.

The first stage of crypto-invasion. Let’s throw some look from the government side on the situation. Imagine you are President of small Tropico Republic sitting there as long as you remember yourself. Day by day you realise that your tax silo is filled with less and less speed. You start to yell at your Chief of Finance demanding a situation report. After a few weeks, your team understands that there are no visible violations in the tax collecting process. Who works they pay. But after a tedious study, it is slightly visible, that your citizens start to be more confident, positive and independent. Looks like they work less. After even more humdrum study your team reports fewer workers in numbers and less turnover inside their craft. Shouting on your team you call for the immediate investigation. Finally, you catch one of those celebrity bustards and find an unknown magic device in his basement which is mining a worth. You are angry because as every Tropico Dictator you’re quite stupid as your governmental clerks and don’t understand how this machine works. Applying some torture you get to know that device is consuming electricity made by your country plants and making calculations using an algorithm magically implanted by the big neighbour Zar. Mined income is going also to abroad wallets. You are completely upset, because every day more and more of your citizens becoming independent using the currency you don’t control, making it on the algorithm you do not control, and keeping their wallets abroad also out of your control. 

That turns you nuts. You try to spy on every citizen but you don’t have enough militia, and your militia wants stealthily this easy money too. In the fit of anger, you try to switch off electric power but it affects all people and all economy. You try to increase the cost of power but all citizens raise against you. You toss and rush about, but it is too late. You are the King without a kingdom.

This is the complex thing laid short. Smooth detachment of citizens from its national state is the key feature of crypto, and nobody seats still without dreaming to use it.

Personal consideration for crypto. As you are a simple citizen like us the first thing we recommend you to do is to learn about crypto a little. Don’t pay a lot of attention to what is described here about the military feature of crypto. This is for big guys sitting above and sharing the big pie. It’s for their worry, not for our. We have to concentrate on crypto daily applicable features in order not to get stuck in ancient times. A long time ago people exchanged animal furs and fells, coffee, spices and gold plates. Now we exchange plain paper with zero value in it, so why not exchange crypto which has a value of electricity, internet connection and your own study efforts. Even more fair.

Reading crypto projects on their official websites is not a good idea. Everyone proclaims only good valuables – privacy, decentralisation, less usury, simplicity and high transaction speed. Just look into the white paper of any crypto project. You will understand nothing except these five slogans. In the world of crypto, you need to study who is making the projects, who are investors, what is a timeline for development and how is it fulfilled. Some projects are based on touchable things like better WiFi (Helium), better web-search (PreSearch), better video hosting (THETA), decreasing commissions between chains (TRON) and so on. If you like the idea and use this technology by yourself its is a good point to start. Just check minimum anti-scam (faked projects) features like capitalisation, daily trading volume, the coin is available on major trusted exchanges, the project is alive (making new contracts, updating software and having good news across the web community)

It is highly not recommended to invest your last savings or all your other incoming profits directly into crypto. You have to wait for the moment until you feel what is going on and what you exactly do. It is not pure card play but until you know all the rules it is very similar. Always start with someone having technical background and experience in crypto. Bloggers on youtube are a very bad idea because they get money from what they advertise and you will see a lot of videos about “How I made 17 000 USD per month as a passive income”. This is not our road. 

How to start. If you don’t want to dive into mining you can just stay at holder level (among crypto called “Hodlers”). Everybody knows that in a long run (3-5 years) everything reasonable becomes more expensive: gold, rare metals, steel, water. The same with proven crypto projects. You can freely buy any coin from TOP5 market capitalisation coins and keep them for years. You will get surely more than any bank deposit with the free withdrawal feature.

If you want to go slightly deeper you can buy and sell monthly or weekly just by observing main trends. Crypto volatility is more advantage, because going up and down regularly following the Bitcoin USDT rate (digital-analogue of USD).

If you want extra security then buy a so-called “cold wallet” which is similar to a USB flash drive where you keep all your digital coins. But if you turn around less than 10 000 USD it is not a big risk to have an internet wallet or exchange wallet.

Which coin to choose from? The most famous are Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Solana (SOL), Cardano (ADA), Binance coin (BNB), Ripple (XRP), Polkadot (DOT). These are trusted proven coins, though their prices can go down and stay there for months.

There is also a second group of coins which popularity is built on unusual criteria. For example, Elon Mask likes to mention Dogecoin (DOGE) in a good sense. Maybe they are good friends or have a common share in a profit. TRON (TRX) is pumped by Koreans, TON is pumped by Russians, CHIA is pumped as a green alternative to power-mining and is already under the test in Costa Rica. SHIBA is advertising the participation of Vitalik Buterin as its holder. Here you can google and youtube to collect more info.

The third group we call a backup for famous coins. The idea is to take a place of a leader if something bad happens to him. Bitcoin has backups as Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum has backups from Ethereum Classic (ETC), Raven (RVN), Ergo (ERG). Everyone is using their own strategy which you have to study and understand.

Going deeper underground. Wise men say if crypto is not mineable it can not be called a real cryptocurrency, which is absolutely true to our taste. Once you invest and set up a correct farming/mining rig (computer) you are safe from market fluctuations. Your coins are generated with constant speed and if the current price does not suit you, just wait.

If you want to start a smooth learning curve into mining buy 2-6 GPUs (graphic cards) and insert them into the computer you already have. Test different coins, wallets, exchanges, sending back and forth, and final cashing. You have to feel the technology under your fingertips. What you can do freely and what you can not do due to high commissions between different coins. Crypto-market is young and yet full of high transaction commissions between unfriendly networks. But it is absolutely not comparable with the banksta business you experience right now. If you have a sort of engineer background with a high probability you become a crypto addict. Do you know why? Because you don’t meet here snoopy clerks, posh banksters, dependent militia, lying politicians and other neck sitters.

People who have dozens of hundred bucks throw them on special mining equipment called ASICS. Nothing complex, it is just a computer made to perform only one algorithm. Let’s say you have at home a computer which can only do a printing job. Same here, it is mining only 1 coin or a couple of coins using the same algorithm (switchable). They are extremely loud, with more than 75Db of whistling noise (not a usual rustling noise). ASICS can produce up to 10 000 USD per month pure income, but noisy, repairing unfriendly, and AC consuming up to 3.6kWt (16A) power draw from your wall socket which is very dangerous because many people do not realise that 1 socket is not a separate power-wire. 1 house power wire which can go through 10 sockets can hold maximum 3,5kWt power. If you plug 2 ASICS in 2 sockets hanging on the same power-line you can easily burn your facility.

Though ASICS are easier to plug and play but require industry-grade electric wiring, separate room and dedicated ventilation. They have less flexibility compared to Graphic Cards in terms of switching to different coins, reparability, and durability. Also, ASICS do not have a manufacturer guarantee, all made in China, and usually out of stock. That is why you hardly find a new ASIC in stock and have to make advance payment and wait 2-6 months to get it. We highly advise starting with GPUs. Advanced users have a couple of different coins under parallel mining to watch profitability and switch rigs to the most profitable coin as of today. Of course, nobody can predict profitability in two weeks, so you usually mine what you believe in based on collected information and personal experience…

There is also a hard drives type of mining that require special experience and is a relatively complex process. Hard Drives of big volumes are seeded with so-called “Plots” created using powerful CPU and RAM or SSD Drives (all as one computer). Then you run a special program that constantly scans your hard drives and report to the mining pool. The most remarkable coin here is only CHIA (XCH). This algorithm and its profitability need to be tested in the long run. To get reasonable income as of the current price you need to seed around 500Tb of hard drives. The biggest advantage of this technology is the very low consumption of electric power. 1 HDD consumes around 5 watts of power only. 

The easiest to mine and profitable today is Ethereum (ETH). Bitcoin requires more powerful equipment to get the same amount of income. There are more than 100 crypto coins worth being acquainted with.

All coins you own can be transferred to USD on crypto exchanges (Binance, Huoby, KuCoin, OkEx, CoinBase, Kraken…) where you have to register your wallet and then convert it to your domestic fiat money on a credit card. If you live in a country that is currently very tough in restricting crypto exchange operations, use multiple bank cards for different people and send an insignificant amount of money (less than 700 USD per transfer).

The future of crypto. You will see how more and more countries will accept crypto in a different form. Some countries will magically disappear in their independence, and now you know why. Your local governments, bashing crypto nevertheless withdraw fiat money very fast from whenever they can. Because cash is a way for a colourful revolution, but bank transfers are well-controlled. Crypto is also traceable but not by your local guys. It is better for you.

Main approved block-chains allow to build digital banks and financial products called DeFi, GameFi, Staking and Smart-Contracts which are basically analogies of deposits, credits, computer game money, insurances and investment products. You can buy shares of different companies you like without bank intermediates. You can convert any physical thing or art you own into a digital asset called NFT, decide on price, royalties and distribution chain. This is the end solution for musicians, writers, painters, teachers and other creative people. Now it looks more like fun but perception will come soon.

You will understand that you don’t need any governance anymore except block-chain and crypto operators.

involved@top-retail.net – digital testimony