Hi Girls and Boys, Workers and Co-Workers, Part-timers and Self-employed. The long-awaited train with millennials finally entering the “HauptBahnHoff” of our economy at full steam. In 10 years these rookies will capture the entire planet and start to build a new type of economic relationship. We’ve been alarmed to compose this article detecting some random Millennials already scratching through our offices and occupying top positions. Let’s have our special look at this devastating breakthrough.

Millennials are the product of a deeply thought strategy seeded 20 years ago aiming to cultivate a kind of softly disoriented humans easy to manage. With a distorted system of personal value coordinates, they think everything is possible and acceptable (freaking democracy) without knowing exactly how to implement every certain possibility and how to co-opt with every single democratic derangement. Welcome to the dispersed and dissolved mind of Millennial – a key understanding of their moto for action. This state of mind is controversial to the focused and historically based mind needed to perform an effective human action. Mind dispersion, which will probably be in the future a type of mental disease (black fever), is a result of constant mind bombardment by information garbage and debris. Modern technologies open informational Pandora box transforming focusable humans into a data-overloaded Johnny Mnemonic (a very cool 1995 Sci-Fi movie). Fast browsing of video, pics and text overloads our mind making it soft, tied and dissolved, unable to filter out good and bad things to percept. Our life becomes a staged show flipping us to be only observers, not actors. What can you manage being a show viewer? Nothing. You just have to sit still.

If you look at humans with attention you notice we are created in a way not to be omnipresent at many events at the same time. We are one-place, one-event, one-feeling creatures. But we constantly try to destroy our personal world by burning distances, events and time. We try to perceive more and more crawling closer to be Gods. But wisely predicting our  deranged human inclination, our brains are made limited on purpose. Not to overcome time and dimension. If we become multi-timed and multi-dimensional we die. As simple and genius as breath. But technology plays that devil trick seemed to enable that omni-presence backdoor. As usual, in the wrong way. Like drugs do. From the neurophysics point of view drugs and informational breaching act in a similar way. Both destroy the mind filtering ability. Drugs do it radically, and a free-will informational bashing in a fluent way. The result is the same – weak brains and mental problems after age of 40. Millennials will burn out much faster than previous generations. Polluted minds lose their ability to concentrate on the right direction and take effective action – a key element of progress. All-day browsing person is too overwhelmed to keep inside the effective frame of strategic vision.

But how does this person look at a corporate level?

Millennials at top positions act like your company exists since the big bang of the universe. No history, no future. Just a present moment. This approach can be described by the well-known formula of web programmers – WYSWYG (what you see is what you get). In Russia, we call it “I sing a song from what I see”. Deep strategic analysis is a deeply disabled option for millennials. Their analysis is done by random fishing from the surrounding environment and events. They can not govern, they can only try to support existing life. This is an outcome of an old strategy to destroy school education started in the USA in the 80-s and successfully spread across other countries. Teachers now are fancy storytellers and exams are not about building a vision, but just “choose the right option from the three available”. It is sad to say, but such educated people are knocking at your door. They are doctors, pilots, engineers, and teachers going to “carry about you”.

Before making this article possible we have silently observed a bunch of millennials during a couple of years and we can register two main behaviour styles. First, they prefer their own proteges to an even more degree than we used to see. This is due to protect themselves from the unfriendly environment. Millennials are much more sensitive to normal events perceiving it as a threat (it is very well shown in this youtube masterpiece) This feature releases even more corruption because having only one “old-fighter” in the team leads to his entire domination. We see it right now. Secondly, Millennials appeal to nice neighbouring, easy leaving, wide thinking and “flexi-accepting”. Thus destroying a basement of organisational principles, which are mounted on exact targeting, focusing, concentration and tough relations based on people’s effectiveness. We see one of those rookie guys thinking if he spends 2 weeks upon one small category he will understand the problem inside. After two weeks we see him at the same point of problem understanding. Slicing the category to the SKU level does not bring him more understanding because he does not see it dynamically and historically. As an example, try to understand a nation by splitting it into every single citizen without knowing its entire history and dynamic of vital demands. To be effective, you need to act like a war dog – smell the smoke, throw up a rifle and shoot. 5 seconds against 2 weeks. This is the difference. Professional intuition against slow digging.

Have to say sporty body shape and grass-eating do not help to fight mind dispersion. Even vice versa. The lack of full-fledged protein intake amplifies mind dissolve and reproduction ability. Yet we don’t know the connection between artificial Covid virus and weak protein diet. 

What happens when millennials get a critical weight inside the company? Organisational memory slowly fades away and entire retardation occurs. At this stage, a minority of old fighters turn into wise knowledge carriers with low demand losing their interest to act. The majority of incoming millennials find themselves more and more in the comfortable environment without these pesky oldies. Nobody can estimate now where this company is heading. It’s like a generations interchange. Young does not understand old, and old passes away.

But from today’s glans, when we are still here, millennial’s management looks boring and impotent. No character, no stamina, no complex brain turns, no constructive conflicts, no frontier ideas. It’s like the management of a naive child aged 13-15.

Who knows, maybe it is God’s providence to calm down and retard our crazy world with more dissolved people making it a little bit easy, slow and simple. Glad to believe that, but seeing what Big-Daddies are doing to our world we’d better need to be alarmed. So much anti-humanity happens these days. So, millennial’s stuff has to be under control. And we are in charge.

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